Gallery: Super Action Fight Productions


FFC-2015.02 SAMANTHA vs RAVEN "Competitive Wrestling"   

FFC-2015.01 Fem Fight Club "ALYSSA vs SAMANTHA"  

MIXED-2017.03 NICOLE versus The SULTAN “Mixed Boxing”  

2018.002 TILLY McREESE versus SUMMER MONROE "Bikini Showdown" NEW

2017.067 CARISSA versus TASHA “Ebony Domination 1”  

2017.064 CARISSA versus SARAH “Selfies” NEW

2017.063 ADRIANNA versus GABRIELLE “Bikini Super Fight 2” NEW

2017.062 ADRIANNA versus GABRIELLE “Bikini Super Fight 1”  

2017.061 “Solo Punching Bag” starring KYLA   

2017.058 ADRIANNA versus TILLY “Bikini Contest”  

2017.057 ADRIANNA versus TILLY “The Best Fighter” NEW

2017.056 ADRIANNA versus TILLY “Selfie”  

2017.054 BOBBI versus BELLA “Destroying Bobbi”  

2017.053 BOBBI versus BELLA “Leg Destruction”  

2017.052 BOBBI versus BELLA “Pro-Style Schoolgirl Pins”  

2017.051 BOBBI versus BELLA “Safprods Boxing”  

2017.050 “Solo Punching Bag” starring PIXIE  

2017.049 LEXI versus PIXIE “Bikini Destruction” NEW

2017.048 LEXI versus PIXIE “Safprods Boxing”   

2017.047 LEXI versus PIXIE “The Best Fighter”

 2017.046 LEXI versus PIXIE “Hairpulling Destruction”  

2017.044 BOBBI versus KYLA “Scissors Destruction”

2017.041 ADRIANNA versus KYLA “The Best Fighter”  

2017.040 ADRIANNA versus KYLA “Pro-Style Showdown”  

2017.038 TILLY versus PAISLEY “Strongest Legs”   

2017.037 TILLY versus PAISLEY "Bikini Submissions"  

2017.034 TILLY versus PAISLEY “Queen of Submissions I”  

2017.033 TILLY versus PAISLEY “The Best Fighter 2”  

2017.032 TILLY versus PAISLEY "The Best Fighter"  

2017.031 TILLY versus PAISLEY “Scissors Destruction”  

2017.030 LEXI versus MISTY “Bikini Battle”   

2017.029 LEXI versus MISTY “Back Destruction”  

2017.028 LEXI versus MISTY "The New Girl"  

2017.027 CARISSA versus LEXI “Camel Clutched”  

2017.026 CARISSA versus LEXI “Refresher”  

2017.025 CARISSA versus LEXI “High Heels”   

2017.024 CARISSA versus LEXI “The Best Fighter”  

2017.023 CARISSA versus LEXI “Safprods Boxing”  

2017.022 SARAH versus TILLY "Bikini Contest"  

2017.021 NICOLE versus TILLY “Pro-Style Pins”  

2017.020 NICOLE versus TILLY "Pro-Style Showdown"  

2017.019 NICOLE versus TILLY "The Best Fighter"  

2017.018 NICOLE versus TILLY “Safprods Boxing”  

2017.017 NICOLE versus TILLY “Bikini Contest”  

2017.016 NICOLE versus TILLY “Wrestling & Lifting”   

2017.015 NICOLE versus TILLY “MMA Chokes”  

2017.014 GWEN versus PIXIE “Bikini Battle”  

2017.013 GWEN vs PIXIE "Hairpulling Destruction"  

2017.012 GWEN vs PIXIE "Destroying Gwen"  

2017.011 GWEN vs PIXIE “Destroying Pixie”  

2017.010 GWEN vs PIXIE "Tickle Wrestling"   

2017.009 GWEN versus PIXIE “Belly Punch Battle”   

2017.008 GWEN versus PIXIE “Punching Bag 2”  

2017.007 GWEN vs PIXIE "Punching Bag 1"  

2017.006 BOBBI vs TILLY "Full Nelson"  

2017.005 ADRIANNA vs GWEN "Bikini Humiliation"  

2017.004 ADRIANNA vs GWEN "Dominated"  

2017.003 ADRIANNA versus GWEN “Back Destruction”   

2017.002 ADRIANNA versus GWEN “Welcome Back”   

2017.001 ADRIANNA vs BOBBI "Titans Clash"   

2016.095 GWEN vs LEXI “The Best Fighter”  

2016.094 GWEN vs LEXI “Wrestling Lesson”  

2016.093 BOBBI vs LEXI "Pro-Style Scissors"  

2016.092 BOBBI versus LEXI “Safprods Boxing & Belly Punch Wrestling”   

2016.091 BOBBI vs LEXI “Loser Leaves Town”  

2016.090 BOBBI vs CARISSA “Back Destruction”  

2016.089 CARISSA versus SARAH “The Best Fighter”  

2016.089 BOBBI versus LEA “Dysfunctional Roommates”  

2016.088 BOBBI vs ADRIANNA "Dominated"  

2016.087 BOBBI vs ADRIANNA "Destroying Adrianna"  

2016.086 ADRIANNA vs LEA “Romantic Rivals”  

2016.085 ADRIANNA vs LEA “Scissors Destruction”   

2016.084 ADRIANNA versus LEA “The Best Fighter”   

2016.083 LEXI versus KAI “Bikini Destruction”  

2016.082 LEXI versus KAI “Safprods Boxing 2”  

2016.081 LEXI vs KAI “Safprods Boxing 1”  

2016.080 LEXI vs KAI “Holds Challenge”   

2016.078 LEXI vs KAI “Wrestling Lesson”   

2016.077 JORDAN versus BOBBI “Bikini Showdown”   

2016.075 JORDAN vs BOBBI "Pinning Humiliation"  

2016.074 JORDAN vs BOBBI “Pro-Style Bikinis”  

2016.073 JORDAN versus BOBBI "Scissors Domination"   

2016.072 "Solo Punching Bag" starring JORDAN   

2016.071 LEXI versus ADRIANNA "Bikini Selfies"   

2016.070 LEXI vs ADRIANNA "Safprods Boxing 2"   

2016.069 LEXI vs ADRIANNA “Safprods Boxing 1”  

2016.068 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Grapevine Domination”   

2016.067 LEXI versus ADRIANNA "Bikini Humiliation"  

2016.066 LEXI versus BRIELLA “Scissors Destruction”  

2016.064 LEXI versus BRIELLA JADEN "Safprods Boxing 1"  

2016.063 NICOLE ORING versus BOBBI “Roommate Nightmare”  

2016.062 NICOLE ORING versus ADRIANNA "Pro-Style Lesson"  

2016.060 ADRIANNA versus NICOLE ORING “East meets West”  

2016.059 ADRIANNA vs NICOLE ORING “Safprods Boxing 2”  

2016.058 ADRIANNA versus NICOLE ORING “Bikini Destruction”  

2016.057 ADRIANNA versus NICOLE ORING "Safprods Boxing 1"  

2016.056 ADRIANNA vs NICOLE ORING “Competitive Training”  

2016.055 NICOLE ORING versus ADRIANNA “Bikini Battle”   

2016.054 NICOLE ORING versus ADRIANNA “Camel Clutched”   

2016.053 ADRIANNA vs JORDAN "Safprods Boxing"   

2016.052 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN "Bikini Battle 3"  

2016.051 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN "Bikini Battle 2"  

2016.050 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Bikini Battle 1”  

2016.049 LEXI vs JORDAN "Bikini Battle"  

2016.048 LEXI vs JORDAN “Grapevine Destruction”  

2016.047 LEXI versus GIGI “Bully”  

2016.046 JORDAN versus GIGI “Other Plans”  

2016.045 JORDAN versus GIGI “Size Doesn’t Matter”  

2016.044 JORDAN versus GIGI “Bully”  

2016.043 ADRIANNA vs JORDAN “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”  

2016.042 ADRIANNA versus JORDAN “Pro-Style Titans”  

2016.041 ADRIANNA vs JORDAN "Bikini Queens"  

2016.040 ADRIANNA vs JORDAN "Belly Torture"  

2016.039 ADRIANNA vs GIGI "Bikini Knockouts"  

2016.038 ADRIANNA versus GIGI “Bikini Destruction”  

2016.037 ADRIANNA versus GIGI “Wrestling Lesson”   

2016.036 ADRIANNA vs GIGI "Destroying Gigi"   

2016.034 LEXI versus JORDANA “Safprods Boxing”   

2016.033 JORDAN vs JORDANA LEIGH "Humiliated"   

2016.032 LEXI versus JORDAN “Bikini Catfight”    

2016.031 LEXI versus JORDAN “Holds Challenge”  

2016.030 LEXI versus JORDAN “Camel Clutched”   

2016.028 BOBBI versus JORDAN “The Hand Shake”  

2016.027 BOBBI vs JORDAN "Rookie Destruction"  

2016.026 BOBBI versus JORDAN “Camel Clutched”  

2016.025 BOBBI versus JORDAN “Humiliated”  

2016.022 LEXI versus SUMMER “Wrestling Lesson”  

2016.021 LEXI versus SUMMER “Dominated”  

2016.020 LEXI versus SUMMER “Holds Challenge”  

2016.019 LEXI versus SUMMER “Safprods Boxing 2”  

2016.018 LEXI versus SUMMER “Safprods Boxing 1”   

2016.017 BOBBI vs ADRIANNA "Pro-Style"  

2016.016 BOBBI versus ADRIANNA “Bikini Challenge”  

2016.015 BOBBI versus ADRIANNA “Camel Clutched”  

2016.014 BOBBI vs ADRIANNA "Bikini Domination"   

2016.013 BOBBI versus ADRIANNA “Grapevine Humiliation”  

2016.012 CARISSA vs ADRIANNA "Bikini Destruction"   

2016.011 BOBBI versus LEXI “Boxing Knockouts”  

2016.010 TARA vs JORDAN "Bikini Destruction"   

2016.009 TARA vs JORDAN "Bikini Catfight"   

2016.008 TARA vs JORDAN "Bikini Humiliation"  

2016.006 TARA vs JORDAN "Destroying Jordan"  

2016.005 LEXI vs ADRIANNA "Competitive BP Battle 2"  

2016.004 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Titans Clash”  

2016.003 LEXI vs ADRIANNA "Revenge"  

2016.002 LEXI vs ADRIANNA "Belly Punch Humiliation"   

2016.001 TARA versus MIA “Stressed”  

2015.075 ADRIANNA versus LEXI “Models Clash”  

2015.073 LEXI versus ADRIANNA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”  

2015.072 ADRIANNA versus LEXI “Scissors & Smothers”  

2015.071 ADRIANNA vs LEXI "Pro Holds Challenge"  

2015.070 ADRIANNA versus LEXI “Destroying Lexi”  

2015.069 ALYSSA vs ADRIANNA "Humiliated Roommate"   

2015.068 ALYSSA versus ADRIANNA "Belly Torture"  

2015.067 ALYSSA versus ADRIANNA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”  

2015.066 TARA versus ADRIANNA “Pro-Style Showdown”  

2015.065 TARA versus ADRIANNA "Bikini Destruction"   

2015.064 SAMANTHA versus ADRIANNA “Pro-Style Pins”  

2015.062 JORDANA versus ADRIANNA “Bikini Catfight”   

2015.060 SAMANTHA vs ADRIANNA "Figure 4 Leglock"   

2015.059 SAMANTHA versus ADRIANNA “Camel Clutched”  

2015.058 “Solo Punching Bag” starring ADRIANNA  

2015.056 ALYSSA vs BOBBI "Punching Bag Destruction"   

2015.055 LEXI vs NYXON "Bikini Battle"  

2015.054 BOBBI versus ALYSSA “Pro-Style Revenge”  

2015.053 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Strength Queen 1"  

2015.052 BOBBI versus SAMANTHA “Body Press Challenge”   

2015.051 BOBBI versus SAMANTHA “Boxing Destruction”   

2015.049 ALYSSA vs BOBBI vs SAMANTHA “Competitive BP Battle 3-Way”  

2015.048 MIA vs LEXI "Bikini Catfight"   

2015.047 MIA versus LEXI “Wrestling Lesson”  

2015.045 SAMANTHA vs ALYSSA & TARA "3 of a Perfect Pair"   

2015.044 SAMANTHA versus TARA “The New Superstar”   

2015.042 SAMANTHA vs LEXI "Rivals Clash"   

2015.041 SAMANTHA versus MORGAN “Safprods’ Domination”  

2015.040 SAMANTHA vs MORGAN "Rookie Surprise"   

2015.039 SAMANTHA vs MORGAN "Training Day"  

2015.038 SAMANTHA vs MORGAN “Safprods Boxing”  

2015.037 ALYSSA vs MORGAN "Safprods' Domination"   

2015.035 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Safprods Boxing”  

2015.033 SAMANTHA vs ALYSSA "Belly Torture"  

2015.032 SAMANTHA versus ALYSSA “Bikini Destruction” 

2015.031 SAMANTHA vs ALYSSA "Safprods Boxing"  

2015.029 ALYSSA vs MIA "Knockouts"   

2015.027 PIXIE vs SUMMER "Scissors Destruction"  

2015.022 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Safprods Boxing”  

2015.019 SAMANTHA vs MIA "Belly Punch Battle"   

2015.018ALYSSA vs LEXI "Bikini Battle"  

2015.017 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Queen of Safprods 2”  

2015.016 SAMANTHA vs LEXI "Queen of Safprods 1"  

2015.015 SAMANTHA versus MIA “Safprods Boxing”  

2015.014 ALYSSA versus MIA “BTW”  

2015.012 LEXI versus GWEN “Safprods Boxing 2”  

2015.010 LEXI vs GWEN "Safprods Boxing 1"   

2015.005 ALYSSA versus SAMANTHA “Bikini Battle”   

2015.002 SAMANTHA vs HARLEY "Holds Challenge"  

2015.001 SAMANTHA vs HARLEY "Safprods Boxing"  

2014.242 BOBBI vs LEXI "Boxing Revenge"   

2014.241 ALYSSA versus LEXI "Bikini Destruction"   

2014.240 BOBBI versus ALYSSA “Bikini Battle”  

2014.239 BOBBI versus LEXI “Bikini Battle”  

2014.238 ALYSSA vs LEXI “Bikini Battle”  

2014.237 ALYSSA versus LEXI “Arm Wrestling Battle”  

2014.236 CARISSA vs SAMANTHA “Safprods Boxing”  

2014.235 CARISSA vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Showdown"

2014.234 BOBBI vs MIA "Bikini Battle"  

2014.233 BOBBI versus MIA “Head Scissors Battle”   

2014.231 BOBBI vs MIA “Competitive Belly Punch Battle  

2014.230 ALYSSA vs RAVEN "Belly Punch Grudge"  

2014.229 ALYSSA vs RAVEN "Bikini Catfight 3"   

2014.228 ALYSSA vs RAVEN "Bikini Catfight 2"  

2014.226 ALYSSA vs RAVEN "Bikini Domination"  

2014.225 ALYSSA vs RAVEN "Safprods Boxing"   

2014.224 SAMANTHA vs LEXI "Pro Wrestling Holds"  

2014.222 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Boston Crab 2”   

2014.221 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Boston Crab 1”  

2014.220 SAMANTHA vs LEXI "Back Destruction"  

2014.219 "Solo Punching Bag" starring MIA  

2014.218 ALYSSA vs MIA "Bikini Domination"  

2014.217 ALYSSA vs MIA "Figure 4 Leglock Challenge"  

2014.216 ALYSSA vs MIA "Safprods Boxing"  

2014.215 ALYSSA vs MIA "Bearhug Battle"  

2014.214 ALYSSA vs MIA "Arm Wrestling Challenge"  

2014.213 "Solo Punching Bag" starring SAMANTHA  

2014.212 SAMANTHA vs ISIS "Competitive BP Battle"   

2014.210 SAMANTHA vs IZIS "Safprods Boxing 2"  

2014.207 SAMANTHA vs ISIS "Camel Clutched"  

2014.206 CARISSA vs TARA “Safprods Boxing”  

2014.205 CARISSA versus TARA "Dominated"   

2014.204 BOBBI versus LEXI “Camel Clutched 2”  

2014.203 BOBBI vs LEXI "Bikini Battle"  

2014.202 BOBBI vs LEXI "Smothered" 

2014.201 BOBBI versus LEXI “Figure 4 Leglock Challenge”  

2014.200 BOBBI versus LEXI “Figure 4 Leglock POV” 

2014.199 BOBBI versus LEXI “Rookie Surprise”  

2014.197 "Solo Punching Bag" starring ISIS   

2014.195 PIXIE vs ISIS "Destroying Pixie"   

2014.194 PIXIE vs ISIS "Destroying Isis"  

2014.193 PIXIE versus IZIS “Belly Punch Domination 2”  

2014.192 PIXIE versus IZIS "Belly Punch Domination 1"   

2014.191 SAMANTHA versus ALYSSA “Bikini Catfight: Humiliated”   

2014.190 SAMANTHA versus ALYSSA “Bikini Catfight: Destroying Samantha”   

2014.189 ALYSSA versus SAMANTHA “Bikini Catfight: Alyssa’s Revenge”  

2014.188 SAMANTHA vs ALYSSA “Bikini Catfight: Destroying Alyssa”  

2014.185 TARA versus HONEY “Safprods Boxing 2”   

2014.184 TARA vs HONEY "Bikini Battle"  

2014.183 TARA vs HONEY "Competitive BP Battle"  

2014.182 “Solo Punching Bag” starring TARA BUSH  

2014.181 "Solo Punching Bag" starring HONEY   

2014.180 TARA vs HONEY "BTW: The Punishment"  

2014.179 TARA versus HONEY “BTW: The Match”  

2014.178 TARA versus HONEY "Camel Clutched 2"   

2014.176 TARA versus HONEY “Safprods Boxing 1”   

2014.174 BOBBI versus SAMANTHA “Head Scissors Battle”  

2014.173 BOBBI versus SAMANTHA “Safprods Boxing”  

2014.172 BOBBI vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Destruction"   

2014.169 BOBBI vs SAMANTHA "Pro-Style"   

2014.168 BOBBI versus PIXIE “Bikini Destruction”   

2014.167 BOBBI versus PIXIE “Rookie Surprise”  

2014.165 BOBBI versus PIXIE “Bikini Catfight”  

2014.164 BOBBI versus PIXIE “Head Scissors Battle”  

2014.163 BOBBI versus PIXIE "Bikini Battle"   

2014.161 BOBBI versus PIXIE “Destroying Pixie”  NEW

2014.160 ALYSSA vs ISIS "Humiliated" 

2014.157 ALYSSA vs IZIS "Bikini Destruction 2"  

2014.156 ALYSSA vs ISIS "Bikini Destruction 1"  

2014.155 ALYSSA versus ISIS "Scissors Domination 2"   

2014.154 ALYSSA vs ISIS "Scissors Domination 1"  

2014.153 LEXI vs ANNA "Bikini Battle"  

2014.151 LEXI vs ANNA “Wrestling Lesson”  

2014.149 ALYSSA versus Pixie "Bikini Battle 3"  

2014.148 ALYSSA versus PIXIE “Bikini Battle 2”  

2014.147 ALYSSA vs PIXIE "Bikini Battle 1"  

2014.146 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Pro-Style 4”  

2014.145 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Pro-Style 3”  

2014.144 SAMANTHA vs PIXIE "Pro-Style 2"  

2014.143 SAMANTHA vs PIXIE "Pro-Style 1"  

2014.142 SAMANTHA versus PIXIE “Rookie Surprise”   

2014.141 SAMANTHA vs PIXIE "Bikini Battle"  

2014.140 SAMANTHA vs LEXI "Bikini Catfight 2"   

2014.139 SAMANTHA vs LEXI "Camel Clutched"  

2014.138 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Bikini Battle 3”  

2014.137 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Bikini Battle 2”  

2014.135 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Indian Deathlock”  

2014.133 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Full Nelson”  

2014.132 CARISSA vs ALYSSA "Full Nelson"   

2014.130 ALYSSA vs LEXI "Knockouts"  

2014.126 "Solo Punching Bag" starring ALYSSA   

2014.125 SAMANTHA versus AURIANNA “Safprods Boxing 3”  

2014.124 SAMANTHA vs AURIANNA "Revenge"  

2014.122 SAMANTHA vs AURIANNA "Safprods Boxing 2"  

2014.121 SAMANTHA vs AURIANNA "Dominated"  

2014.120 SAMANTHA vs AURIANNA "Knockouts"  

2014.119 SAMANTHA vs AURIANNA "Safprods Boxing 1"  

2014.118 SAMANTHA versus AURIANNA “Wrestling Lesson”   

2014.117 ALYSSA vs LEXI "Bikini Catfight"   

2014.116 ALYSSA versus LEXI “Strongest Legs”

2014.115 CHLOE versus SAMANTHA “Reversed Head Scissors Battle”  

2014.114 CHLOE versus SAMANTHA “Head Scissors Domination 2”  

2014.112 CHLOE versus SAMANTHA “Reversed Scissors 2”  

2014.111 CHLOE versus SAMANTHA “Reversed Scissors 1”  

2014.110 CHLOE versus SAMANTHA “Pro-Style Boxing 2”  

2014.108 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Pro-Style Boxing 1" 

2014.107 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Pro-Style Wrestling"  

2014.105 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Safprods Boxing"  

2014.104 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Camel Clutched"  

2014.103 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Knockouts"  

2014.102 "Solo Punching Bag" starring CHLOE  

2014.101 CHLOE vs BOBBI "Bikini Destruction"  

2014.100 CHLOE versus BOBBI “Belly Roll”  

2014.099 CHLOE vs BOBBI "Pins Match"   

2014.098 CHLOE vs BOBBI "Bikini Battle"

2014.097 CHLOE vs BOBBI “Head Scissors Battle”  

2014.096 CHLOE versus BOBBI “Reversed Head Scissors”  

2014.095 CHLOE vs BOBBI "Scissors Endurance 2"  

2014.094 CHLOE versus BOBBI “Head Scissors Endurance Challenge 1”  

2014.093 CHLOE vs TAYLOR "Knockouts"  

2014.092 CHLOE vs TAYLOR “Scissors Domination 2”   

2014.091 CHLOE vs TAYLOR "Scissors Domination 1"  

2014.090 CHLOE versus TAYLOR & CARISSA “Double Scissors”  

2014.089 CHLOE versus TAYLOR & CARISSA “Safprods Boxing 5”  

2014.088 CHLOE vs CARISSA "Safprods Boxing Round Robin 4"  

2014.087 CARISSA versus TAYLOR “Safprods Boxing Round Robin 3”  

2014.086 CHLOE versus TAYLOR “Safprods Boxing Round Robin 2”  

2014.085 CHLOE vs CARISSA "Safprods Boxing Round Robin 1"   

2014.082 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Bikini Domination 1"   

2014.083 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Bikini Domination 2"  

2014.080 “Solo Punching Bag” starring ALYSSA  

2014.079 BOBBI versus ALYSSA “Punching Bag”   

2014.078 BOBBI vs LEXI "Bikini Catfight"  

2014.077 BOBBI versus LEXI “Head Scissors Challenge”  

2014.076 BOBBI vs LEXI "Head Scissors Battle"  

2014.074 SAMANTHA vs KAT “Bikini Battle 2”  

2014.073 SAMANTHA vs TAYLOR TRASH "Bikini Battle 2"  

2014.072 SAMANTHA vs KAT “Scissors Battle” 

2014.071 TAYLOR TRASH vs KAT "Bikini Battle"   

2014.069 SAMANTHA vs TAYLOR TRASH "Bikini Battle 1"   

2014.068 SAMANTHA vs TAYLOR TRASH "Head Scissors Battle"   

2014.067 SAMANTHA vs TAYLOR TRASH "Head Scissors Destruction"   

2014.066 SAMANTHA versus TIFFANY “Hairpulling Challenge”  

2014.064 SAMANTHA vs TIFFANY "Bikini Catfight"   

2014.063 SAMANTHA vs TIFFANY “Scissors Battle” 

2014.062 SAMANTHA vs TIFFANY "Scissors Destruction 2"  

2014.061 SAMANTHA vs TIFFANY "BP Battle"  

2014.060 SAMANTHA versus TIFFANY "Safprods Boxing"  

2014.058 SAMANTHA vs TIFFANY "Indian Deathlock"   

2014.057 SAMANTHA vs TIFFANY "Destroying Tiffany"   

2014.056 SAMANTHA versus TIFFANY “Scissors Destruction 1”  

2014.053 SAMANTHA vs LEXI "Head Scissors Battle"  

2014.052 SAMANTHA vs LEXI “Scissors Destruction”  

2014.051 SAMANTHA versus LEXI “Safprods Boxing”  

2014.050 SAMANTHA versus MINXY LI “Scissors Destruction 2”  

2014.049 SAMANTHA vs MINXY LI "Scissors Destruction 1"  

2014.048 SAMANTHA versus MINXY LI “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”  

2014.047 "Solo Punching Bag" starring MINXY LI   

2014.044 ALYSSA vs BOBBI "Knockouts"

2014.043 BOBBI vs SAMANTHA "Dominated"

2014.041 "Solo Punching Bag" starring SAMANTHA   

2014.040 ALYSSA vs BOBBI "Bikini Destruction"  

2014.038 ALYSSA versus BOBBI “Indian Deathlock”  

2014.039 ALYSSA versus BOBBI “Competitive Belly Punch Battle”  

2014.037 ALYSSA vs BOBBI "Bikini Battle 1"   

2014.038 ALYSSA vs BOBBI "Safprods Boxing"   

2014.035 ALYSSA vs BOBBI "Destroying Alyssa"

2014.033 "Solo Punching Bag" starring JORDANA  

2014.032 CARISSA vs AUTUMN "Bikini Battle 2"  

2014.031 CARISSA vs AUTUMN “Scissors Battle 3”  

2014.030 CARISSA vs AUTUMN "Bikini Battle 1"

2014.029 CARISSA vs AUTUMN "Safprods Boxing"  

2014.028 CARISSA vs AUTUMN "Scissors Battle 2"   

2014.025 SAMANTHA vs JORDANA "Holds Challenge"  

2014.024 SAMANTHA vs JORDANA "Bikini Battle"

2014.023 SAMANTHA vs JORDANA "Pins Match"  

2014.022 SAMANTHA vs JORDANA "Scissors Battle"   

2014.021 SAMANTHA vs JORDANA "Destroying Jordana"

2014.020 HEATHER vs KAT "Bikini Battle 2"  

2014.019 HEATHER vs KAT "Dominated"   

2014.018 KAT vs HEATHER "Bikini Battle 1"

2014.017 HEATHER vs KAT "Training Day"  

2014.016 HEATHER vs KAT "Pin Battle"  

2014.014 HEATHER vs KAT “Head Scissors Domination ”   

2014.013 HEATHER vs KAT "Scissors Destruction"

2014.012 SUMIKO vs SAMANTHA "Hairpulling Battle"

2014.011 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Scissors Battle"   

2014.010 SUMIKO vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Battle"

2014.007 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Safprods Boxing"  

2014.006 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Bikini Battle 1"

2014.004 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Rowboat Battle"  

2014.003 SUMIKO vs SAMANTHA "Belly Punch Wrestling"

2014.002 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Belly Punch Wrestling"  

2014.001 BOBBI vs SAMANTHA "Rowboat Battle"

2013.208 HEATHER & SAMANTHA vs CHLOE & GWEN "Tag Team Battle"

2013.207 SAMANTHA vs GWEN "Round Robin Safprods Boxing 2"  

2013.206 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Round Robin Punching Bag"

2013.205 HEATHER versus GWEN “Round Robin Safprods Boxing 2”   

2013.204 HEATHER vs SAMANTHA "Round Robin Safprods Boxing 2"  

2013.202 HEATHER vs CHLOE "Round Robin Hairpulling Battle"

2013.201 SAMANTHA vs GWEN "Round Robin Head Scissors 1"   

2013.199 HEATHER vs CHLOE "Round Robin Bikini Battle 1"  

2013.198 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Sleeper Chokes"

2013.196 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Round Robin Safprods Boxing 1"  

2013.195 CHLOE vs GWEN "Round Robin Safprods Boxing 2"

2013.194 HEATHER vs SAMANTHA "Safprods Boxing"

2013.193 CHLOE vs GWEN "Round Robin Safprods Boxing 1"  

2013.192 HEATHER vs GWEN "Round Robin Head Scissors 2"  

2013.191 HEATHER versus CHLOE “Round Robin Safprods Boxing 3”  

2013.188 "Solo Punching Bag" starring GWEN

2013.186 CHLOE vs HEATHER "Round Robin Head Scissors 1"  

2013.185 CHLOE vs GWEN "Round Robin Head Scissors 1"

2013.182 CARISSA versus BOBBI “Fight Club”  

2013.181 BOBBI vs CARISSA "Dominated"

2013.180 BOBBI vs CARISSA "Competitive BP Battle"   

2013.179 BOBBI vs CARISSA "Head Scissors Battle 2"  

2013.178 BOBBI vs CARISSA "Head Scissors Battle 1"

2013.176 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Head Scissors Domination"  

2013.175 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Head Scissors Battle"

2013.174 ALYSSA vs ROCCI "Strongest Legs"  

2013.173 BOBBI vs ROCCI "Schooled"

2013.172 SAMANTHA vs AUTUMN "Hairpulling Battle"

2013.170 SAMANTHA vs AUTUMN "Indian Deathlock"

2013.169 SAMANTHA vs AUTUMN "Scissors Battle"

2013.168 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Destroying Chloe"

2013.167 SAMANTHA vs AUTUMN "Bikini Battle"   

2013.166 CHLOE vs AUTUMN "Bikini Battle"

2013.165 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Rivals"  

2013.164 SAMANTHA vs AUTUMN "Destroying Autumn"  

2013.163 CHLOE versus SAMANTHA “Schooled”   

2013.162 CHLOE vs AUTUMN "Destroying Autumn"

2013.161 BOBBI vs ROCCI "Rematch"   

2013.160 BOBBI vs ROCCI "Destroying Rocci"

2013.159 BOBBI vs ROCCI "Dominated"

2013.158 CHLOE vs GWEN "Bikini Round Robin 6"

2013.157 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Round Robin 5"   

2013.155 CHLOE vs GWEN "Bikini Round Robin 3"

2013.154 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Round Robin 2"

2013.153 GWEN vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Round Robin 1"

2013.150 CHLOE versus GWEN “Scissors Round Robin 3”  

2013.149 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Scissors Round Robin 2"

2013.148 GWEN vs SAMANTHA "Scissors Round Robin 1"

2013.147 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Rookie Wrestling Challenge"  

2013.145 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Sneak Attack"

2013.144 "Solo Punching Bag" starring ALYSSA

2013.143 "Solo Punching Bag" starring BOBBI 

2013.141 HONEY vs CHLOE "Belly Punch Wrestling"

2013.140 HONEY vs CHLOE "Safprods Boxing 1"

2013.139 HONEY vs CHLOE "UK Invasion 1"

2013.138 HONEY vs BOBBI "British Challenge"  

2013.137 HONEY vs BOBBI "UK Invasion 2"

2103.136 HONEY vs BOBBI "Competitive BP Battle"

2013.135 ANNA vs TASHA "Ebony Knockouts"

2013.134 ANNA versus TASHA “Pro-Style Pins”   

2013.133 ANNA vs TASHA "Pro-Style 2"

2013.132 ANNA vs TASHA "Pro-Style 1"

2013.130 CHLOE vs BOBBI "Hardcore Pro-Style"

2013.129 CHLOE vs BOBBI "Pro-Style"

2013.127 CHLOE vs BOBBI "Bikini Battle"

2013.125 "Solo Punching Bag" starring SUMIKO

2013.123 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Cosplay Knockouts"

2013.122 HEATHER vs BOBBI "Pins Match"

2013.120 HEATHER vs BOBBI "Reversed Headscissors 1"

2013.119 HEATHER vs BOBBI "Head Scissors Domination 2"

2013.118 HEATHER vs BOBBI "Head Scissors Domination 1"  

2013.117 HEATHER vs BOBBI "Thong Battle"

2013.116 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Wrestling Lesson"

2013.115 SUMIKO vs BOBBI "Belly Punch Wrestling"

2013.113 SUMIKO vs HEATHER "Lingerie Knockouts"

2013.112 SUMIKO vs HEATHER "Safprods Boxing"

2013.111 HEATHER vs CARISSA MONTGOMERY "Wrestling Lesson"

2013.110 HEATHER vs CARISSA "Back Destruction"


2013.108 HEATHER vs CARISSA MONTGOMERY "Head Scissors Battle 2"  

2013.107 HEATHER vs CARISSA "Head Scissors Battle 1"

2013.106 HEATHER vs CARISSA "Head Scissors Domination 2"

2013.105 HEATHER vs CARISSA "Head Scissors Domination I"

2013.104 HEATHER vs CARISSA MONTGOMERY "Thong Battle"

2013.103 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Bed Smothers"

2013.102 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Competitive Belly Punch Battle"

2013.101 BOBBI vs SAMANTHA "Belly Punch Wrestling"

2013.100 BOBBI vs SAMANTHA "Cosplay Knockouts"

2013.099 BOBBI vs SAMANTHA "Comp BP Battle 2"  

 2013.098 HEATHER vs CHLOE vs GWEN "3 Way Battle"

2013.097 CHLOE vs GWEN "Head Scissors Battle"   

2013.096 HEATHER vs GWEN "Bikini Catfight"

2013.095 HEATHER vs CHLOE "Bikini Destruction"

2013.094 CHLOE vs GWEN "Bikini Battle"

2013.093 HEATHER vs GWEN "Bikini Battle"

2013.092 HEATHER vs CHLOE "Hairpulling Battle"

2013.091 CHLOE vs GWEN "Schoolgirl Pins"

2013.090 HEATHER vs GWEN "Belly Punch Battle"

2013.089 HEATHER vs CHLOE "Bikini Battle"

2013.088 CHLOE vs GWEN "Gwen Dominated"

2013.087 HEATHER vs GWEN "Dominated"

2013.086 CHLOE vs HEATHER "Pink Gloves"

2013.085 CHLOE vs GWEN "Squeezed 2"

2013.084 CHLOE vs GWEN "Squeezed 1"

2013.082 HEATHER vs LACI "Head Scissors Destruction 1"

2013.081 SAMANTHA vs LACI "Holds Challenge"

2013.080 HEATHER vs SAMANTHA "Head Scissors Battle"

2013.078 ALYSSA vs ROCCI "Safprods Boxing"

2013.077 BOBBI vs ROCCI "Holds Challenge"

2013.076 SAMANTHA vs BOBBI "Competitive BP Battle"

2013.075 SAMANTHA vs ALYSSA "Scissors Battle"

 2013.074 SAMANTHA vs ROCCI "Safprods Boxing"

2013.073 SAMANTHA vs BOBBI "Punching Bag"

2013.072 BOBBI vs ROCCI "Safprods Boxing"

2013.071 CALI LOGAN vs SAMANTHA "Destroying Cali"

2013.070 CALI LOGAN vs SAMANTHA "Punching Bag"

2013.069 CALI LOGAN vs SAMANTHA "Belly Punch Wrestling"

2013.068 CALI LOGAN vs SAMANTHA "Heels & Garters"

2013.067 DEVON vs HOLLIE "Humiliated"

2013.066 DEVON vs HOLLIE "Boston Crab"

2013.065 DEVON vs HOLLY "Mercy"

2013.064 CARISSA MONTGOMERY vs SAMANTHA "Samantha's Revenge"

2013.063 CARISSA vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Battle"


2013.061 CARISSA MONTGOMERY vs SAMANTHA "Scissors Battle"

2013.060 CARISSA MONTGOMERY vs SAMANTHA "Destroying Samantha"

2013.059 CARISSA vs SAMANTHA "Safprods Boxing"

2013.058 CARISSA MONTGOMERY vs JORDANA LEIGH "Garters & Heels"

2013.057 CARISSA vs JORDANA "Destroying Jordana"

2013.055 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Bikini Destruction"

2013.053 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Training Day"

2013.052 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Punching Bag 1"

2013.051 CHLOE vs SAMANTHA "Safprods Boxing"

2013.050 BOBBI versus ALYSSA "Smothered"

2013.049 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Scissors Destruction"

2013.048 BOBBI vs ALYSSA "Bikini Battle"

2013.047 CHLOE vs AURIANNA "The Hit"

2013.046 CHLOE vs AURIANNA "Bearhug Destruction"

2013.045 CHLOE vs AURIANNA "Safprods Boxing"

2013.044 HEATHER vs AURIANNA "Bikini Battle"

2013.043 CHLOE vs HEATHER "Belly Punch Wrestling 2013"

2013.042 HEATHER vs AURIANNA "Safprods Boxing"

2013.041 HEATHER vs AURIANNA "Training Day"

2013.040 SAMANTHA vs KELLI LYNN SAGE "Dominated"

2013.039 SAMANTHA vs KELLI "Bikini Battle"

2013.038 SAMANTHA vs KELLI LYNN SAGE "Safprods Boxing"

2013.037 SAMANTHA vs KELLI LYNN SAGE "Belly Punch Battle"

2013.036 "Solo Punching Bag" starring REMI

2013.035 HEATHER vs JADE "The Hit" 

2013.034 HEATHER vs JADE "Payback"

2013.033 HEATHER vs JADE "Reunion"    

2013.032 HEATHER vs JADE "The Nightmare"

2013.031 HEATHER vs JADE "Breaking Bad"

2013.030 HEATHER vs JADE "The Challenge"

2013.029 HEATHER vs JADE "Schoolgirl Pins Humiliation"

2013.028 HEATHER vs JADE "Safprods Boxing"

2013.027 HEATHER vs JADE "Humiliated"

2013.026 CHLOE vs JADE "Queen of Safprods"

2013.025 CHLOE vs JADE "Strongest Legs & Abs"

2013.024 CHLOE vs JADE "Mistress Roommate"

2013.023 CHLOE vs JADE "Top Asian Wrestler"

2013.022 CHLOE vs JADE "Jeans Domination"

2013.021 CHLOE vs JADE "Squeezed"   

2013.020 CHLOE vs JADE "Revenge"

2013.019 CHLOE vs JADE "Tickle Torture"

2013.018 CHLOE vs JADE "Safprods Boxing"

2013.017 CHLOE vs JADE "Total Domination"

2013.016 SUMIKO vs NICOLE ORING "Competitive Grappling"  

2013.015 SUMIKO vs NICOLE ORING "Submission Battle"

2013.014 SUMIKO vs NICOLE ORING "Titans Clash"

2013.013 SUMIKO vs NICOLE "Competitive Belly Punch Battle"

2013.012 SUMIKO vs NICOLE ORING "Humiliated"

2013.011 SUMIKO vs NICOLE ORING "Bikini Destruction"

2013.010 SUMIKO vs NICOLE ORING "Safprods Boxing"

2013.009 SUMIKO vs NICOLE ORING "BP Wrestling"

2013.008 CHLOE vs DEVON "Hairpulling Battle"

2013.007 CHLOE vs DEVON "Destroying Chloe"

2013.005 CHLOE vs DEVON "Safprods Boxing"

2013.003 CALI LOGAN vs LACI "Boston Crab"

2013.002 CALI LOGAN versus LACI "Scissors Battle"

2012.066 CHLOE versus BRITTANY "Pro-Style Beatdown"  

2012.062 BRITTANY versus JACQUELYN VELVETS "Strongest Legs"  

2012.058 CHLOE versus JACQUELYN VELVETS "Competitive Belly Punch Battle"  

2012.049 BRITTANY versus JAMIE DANIELS "Training Day"  

2012.044 JAMIE DANIELS versus NATALIE MINX "Hairpulling Battle"  

2012.041 JAMIE DANIELS versus NATALIE MINX "Bikini Battle"  

2012.034 JENN versus CARISSA MONTGOMERY "Show Me What You Got!"  

2012.020 SUMIKO versus BRITTANY "Sumiko's Wrath"  

2012.018 SUMIKO versus CHLOE "Lingerie Battle"  

2012.017 SUMIKO versus CHLOE "Sumiko's Wrath"  

2012.016 SUMIKO versus JAMIE DANIELS "Scissors Battle"  

2012.012 SUMIKO versus JAMIE DANIELS "Strongest Legs"  

2011.138 HEATHER versus CHLOE "Scissors Submission Battle"  

2011.084 ANNA versus JADE INDICA "Destroying Jade"  

2011.048 CALI LOGAN versus ANNA "Training Day"  

2011.019 CALI LOGAN versus DIA ZERVA "Belly Punch Destruction"  

2010.141 DIA ZERVA versus RAIN "Destroying Rain" CLASSIC

2010.096 JACKSON versus BRITTANY "Lingerie Battle" CLASSIC

2010.065 JADE versus TAYLOR TRASH "Match 1" CLASSIC

2010.063 TAYLOR TRASH versus CARRIE "Match 1" CLASSIC

2010.019 TARA BUSH versus BELLA "Belly Punch Wrestling 2010" CLASSIC

2010.019 TARA BUSH versus BELLA "Belly Punch Wrestling 2010"  CLASSIC

2010.012 HEATHER versus BETTIE "Scissors Battle" CLASSIC

2010.008 TARA BUSH versus HEATHER "Pro-Style: No Holds Barred" CLASSIC

2010.000 LAYLA versus BETTIE "Lingerie Catfight" CLASSIC

2009.086 BROOKE versus JADE "Owned" CLASSIC

2009.038 BROOKE versus HEATHER "Pro-Ring Championship Series Match 4"  CLASSIC

2009.004 LOLA versus HEATHER "Latinas Clash" CLASSIC

2008.032 TARA BUSH versus BROOKE "Belly Punch Wrestling 2008" CLASSIC

2007.053 AVA versus BROOKE "Match 2" CLASSIC

2007.039 KERI versus BROOKE "Pro-Style" CLASSIC

2006.007 ALEX versus DEVON "Unfinished Business 1" CLASSIC

2005.006 KERI versus HONEY "Match 1" CLASSIC

2005.004 LOLA versus DEE "Match 1" CLASSIC

2005.003 LOLA versus KERI "Submission Challenge" CLASSIC

2005.002 LOLA versus KERI "Match 1" CLASSIC

2005.001 LOLA versus CASSIDY "Match 1" CLASSIC